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I started in film photography before digital existed, but the dreaminess of film and the physical experience of shooting with a film camera have kept me hooked. This site is a collection of works on film, shot with either a Pentax K1000 or a Canon AE1. I scan the negatives and edit the images digitally.


An ongoing project I’m currently working on is my blog OBRA: The Art of Work, which focuses on women and their careers, telling each woman’s story in their own words, with accompanying photographs. With the blog, I want to explore the ins and outs of what women do all day long and why they do it. I’ve found that so far, most people’s path wasn’t what they thought it was going to be and almost everyone experiences some sort of detour or roadblock. I think it’s important to hear these stories because there really is always something that the reader can relate to. You can see the images from the blog on the Projects page, but go here to read these incredible women's stories.

And a shout-out to the amazing meetup group that I joined back in 2016: the Female Photographers League of SoCal! I’ve participated in some really wonderful shoots with this group and each one has taught me so much about lighting, posing, and taking risks. 

(Photo credit on this page: Bonnie Matthews.)

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