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Prepping your workspace to be photographed

You want to show your customers the behind-the-scenes of what you do, but now you’re wondering… do they want to see how the sausage is made, after all? If you’re feeling the urge to scour and organize everything before the shoot… don’t!

Your workspace doesn’t have to be pristine and it’s better if it’s in its natural state, but there are a few things to consider before the photographing begins.

Clean up anything that’s not part of what you do/make

Food containers, to-go cups, etc. will be distracting, so moving any items that generally don’t need to be in the work area will be helpful.

But don’t clean too much! The clutter of regular work is really beautiful, so leave tools and projects where they are, especially if you’re in the middle of working on them. This is the real, hands-on nature of the work you do and all the grime and grit that comes with it.

Employees should wear whatever they normally wear

What will customers see employees wearing when they come into the shop? Stick to what’s normal; no need to have everyone show up in khakis and a button-down unless that’s the regular dress code.

Don’t worry about lighting

It’s my job to worry about lighting and I’ll bring any equipment with me that I might need to use while I’m there. The advantage of having a phone call before the session is that we can talk about the space and what might be needed regarding equipment.

I’ll ask before I enter any space or touch anything

I’ll ask if any areas are off limits or if there are proprietary processes or materials that cannot be photographed. If I need to move anything, I’ll ask beforehand so we can make sure items are moved safely out of and back into position.

Contact me to set up a time to document your workspace, and the pastiche of tools and people who make it what it is!

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