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Why photograph your workspace?

We spend so much time taking pictures of our lives outside of work, yet for as much time as we spend working, most of us have relatively few images of our workspace or of us working. Having images these images is important for a number of reasons, practical and sentimental.

Use for marketing, social media, website

Behind-the-scenes images can be used to connect with your customer base. Seeing how you make your product or what goes into providing your service will help them understand the value of what you do. It also fosters a sense of connection when customers get a glimpse behind the curtain.

You’ll have a curated selection of stock photos to use on your website, social media accounts, and in marketing pieces to let your customers into your world so they can better appreciate what you do and the people behind the product.

Celebrate a milestone

If you started out as a one-person enterprise and 10 years later you have 20 employees and two locations… celebrate that! Document the growth and progress of your labor of love the same way you would a child’s.

Keep for posterity

I have a photograph of my great grandfather in his barber shop in the 1940s. How cool is that? I love that image, even though I never met him.

Photographing your workspace – and you working in it – is a wonderful heirloom to pass on to family. Even if you’re using most of the images for social media or your website, be sure to choose a few you really like to make into prints and have them framed. Those images will provide your family with a tangible connection to the work you dedicated your life to.

Contact me to set up a time to document your workspace, whatever the reason!

My great grandfather, cutting my dad's hair (1947-ish)
My great grandfather, cutting my dad's hair (1947-ish)

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